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You’re from the SOUTH?! March 27, 2012

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As a Southerner, born and raised, I often find that it’s difficult when people fail to understand the “Southerner’s Way of Life”.  Throughout my life I’ve received looks that speak a thousand words, and sometimes, the looks are actually simultaneous with the words they speak (thus giving me the ability to read the looks so well by now).  Some examples are below:

  • “Wow!  You go hunting?!?!  I can’t believe you would kill an innocent animal!”  (This usually follows a discussion about some venison that I cooked or after I’ve shown a picture of someone in my family that happens to have camouflage on).
    • Mind that when I have gone hunting in my life it’s always during the season, and I’ve never killed an animal that wasn’t eaten later.  For me, hunting has never been and never will be a sport.  It’s a way to stock a freezer with food, and this is how it’s always been viewed by those in my family. 
  • “You grew up with guns in your home?!”  (This usually coincides with the above statement and look).
    • Why yes, I did.  In fact, at a very young age, probably around 2 or 3, my father took those guns out and showed them to me.  He then proceeded to explain how dangerous they were.  Afterward, he would take me to watch while he shot these guns, so that, not only was I told how dangerous they are, I saw how dangerous they are.  Every few months this same process was repeated, so that I was never tempted to “play” with the guns.  I was taught they aren’t toys, they’re weapons.  They kill.
  • “You own cowboy boots?”  (Obviously, this is usually when I wear them.  Women usually adore them, until they realize they’re not just a fashion statement.  Men usually don’t understand it because, let’s face it, men don’t understand shoes no matter what type they are).
    • Why yes, I do own cowboy boots. I don’t typically wear shoes that I don’t actually own. In fact, I don’t believe in wearing shows that I don’t actually own. (Unless said shoes are fabulous and borrowed from a friend.) In fact, these are not fashionable cowboy boots, either. These are, in fact, real cowboy boots. They could be used in a barn and everything!
  • “You listen to country music?!”  (This usually follows the “getting to know you” conversation that includes questions such as, “What type of music do you listen to?”).

So many more examples exists, but alas, none are coming immediately to mind at this moment.  Check it later for more from a Southern Lady.


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