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Time April 10, 2012

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I have decided that time may indeed go slower by staring at the clock.  Or not even staring, just incessantly glancing at it over and over and over.  The earth may actually slow it’s rotation slightly just to pay you back for not believing it 4 seconds ago.  Thanks a lot, Earth.  You suck.


A Case of the Mondays April 2, 2012

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Today is what I refer to as a “Thin Line Day”, which just essentially means that everyone is walking a thin line around me, and I’m liable to go off at any moment because my frustration level is incredibly high.  As such, this will probably be a post where I complain about all that’s around me. 

I recently started a new job.  I was hired for a new position that had been created, and two other females were hired with this same title in a similar role but with other groups.  These two women (and I use that term loosely) and I are to work together, only they are dumb.  They are “uptalkers”, which means they end their sentences with a slightly higher pitch; thus leaving the listener wondering whether or not they were asking you or telling you whatever just came out of their mouths.  Also, I feel as if I could have done this job my senior year in high school, and I could have done it efficiently.  These girls, however, are struggling.  They ask me questions on a daily basis about the most basic things.  How difficult is Excel, really?  Furthermore, before you ask the 4 people around you who are trying to do their own work, why don’t you try looking up how to do something?  We have this new thing called the internet.  You can use it to search for anything.  Try a website called Google.  It might actually help.  In any case, Blondie and Shnoz, as these women will hitherto be known as, are irritating, and it takes a certain level of patience to deal with them.  For some reason that I have yet to figure out, I do not possess this level of patience today.  Perhaps I will be a nicer person tomorrow.

Next on my list of complaints is politics.  Now I know that I’m not supposed to talk politics or whatever, but with the election coming up this year and so much more going on, I’m realizing that the entirety of politics grates on my nerves.  These people that are in charge of our country don’t actually listen to the people.  America has a population of just under 312 billion people.  Of these people, 535 are in Congress, 9 on the Supreme Court, roughly 23 members are on the president’s cabinet, and 1 is the president himself.  This means that the decisions in America are made by a percentage of .00018, which is absolutely ludicrous!  And what do they do, so that the common man gets side-tracked?  Instead of actually talking about the issues that we Americans deal with on a daily basis, such as gas prices, healthcare, budget, etc.; these people instead talk about things like gay marriage.  Now, I’m not going to go into whether or not I agree or disagree with gay marriage, but my point is this – approximately 1.28% of America’s population is gay.  Why are we basing our leaders on this minority?  Why aren’t we looking into leaders that put the main issues at the top where they should be and leave the other things as least important?  And I’m not saying that the lives of 1.28% of the population aren’t important, because it is.  But this 1.28% also pays for gas on a regular basis, and lives life just like the other 98.72% of Americans.  So why aren’t we focused on the issues that affect all 100% first, and then focus on the issues that don’t affect everyone.  That’s all I’m asking.  Stop using gay marriage and abortion and religion as players in the political race.  Talk about the issues that matter, and stop making these issues the most important so as to sway voters and drag attention away from the bigger problems this country is facing.

Ok, enough of my soap box on that subject.  I actually feel a little better now that I’ve vented.  Maybe I’ll be able to work the rest of the day without a colossal chip on my shoulder.