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I’m being stalked… May 17, 2012

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I got a calendar for my office area.  It’s got random ecards on it from  I just now got this calendar, and it only came in the mail 3 days ago.  With that said, I think they’ve been stalking me for some time.  Look at today’s page below:

It’s like they stepped into my world, and they made this page to scream out to others about me.  I wonder if I should email them for harassment.  Is it harassment if they’ve never actually contacted me, though?  I mean, it’s obvious they’re talking about me.  Anyone that knows me knows that this is about me.  I often walk around dressed as a Viking warrior princess with a spear and leave my mouth open as if constantly screaming obscenities.  I also “can create drama out of anything”.  Perhaps I should start looking over my shoulder for people from random websites that are obviously stalking me now.

Thanks a lot  You’ve now given me one more thing to worry about, because I so obviously needed that.




4 Responses to “I’m being stalked…”

  1. Rebecca Anderson Says:

    I need a picture of the outfit! And, I love 😀

  2. That’s right. Of course I’m telling the truth, because everything on the internet is real. People never exaggerate or anything like that on the internet.

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