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Today is Monday. Now you’ve learned your lesson. August 20, 2012

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Like most of the 9 – 5 working class of America, I hate Mondays.  I don’t hate them because I hate going back to work, because that’s just a little too common of a reason to hate a day, right?  No, I hate Mondays because this is the day that I am required to get back onto a schedule.  I must now wake up at a specific time, go to bed at a reasonable hour, cook dinner nightly, etc.  I hate being on any sort of a schedule.  I wish that I could just flow from day to day.  Now, I will admit that when on a schedule I get more accomplished, but it still sucks.  I much prefer to sleep in, take occasional naps, and act in a generally lazy manner until the need strikes me to do anything.  Wait… that means I don’t want to work… <sigh> I suppose the truth comes out.  I want to be a stay at home mom, even though I have yet to birth any children.

On a completely different subject, hubs and I have discussed that when I hit 30 we stop “practicing” at the whole “baby-making thing”.  (For those of you that don’t understand what that means, it means that when I turn 30, he starts trying to put a baby in my belly.)  This has always been the plan, since we first discussed children, so it comes as no surprise.  However, after just having a birthday, I’m realizing that thirty is closer than I really want it to be.  And that’s not to say that I’m not ready to be a mother and move on to a different part of my life.  I just mean that…  I can’t believe that a year from now I could be preggers.  I can’t believe that I won’t be drinking or doing random stupid shit because someone else will be more important.  I don’t know.  It just feels weird that I’m even old enough to make decisions like this.  I still feel like a kid, but I’m not.



Just another Manic… wait, it’s f*ckin’ Wednesday?! August 1, 2012

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Haven’t posted in a while, AGAIN.  I’m probably the worst blogger in the history of bloggers, which is why I’ve started 3 blogs by this point and deleted two.  I just don’t update enough to be viewed as a “good” blogger.  

This has been a fairly crappy week in that we got back from a long weekend to put my car in the shop and be told that no, it’s not the battery and yes, it is the alternator.  Goodbye, money!  I seriously hate spending large sums of money at any given time.  I much prefer to spread it around in small quantities.  Then I can convince myself that I don’t spend nearly as much as I do.  But when I am forced to pay someone over $500 for something at one time, my stomach decided that it hates me, and I’m forced to hold in farts all day at work because my stomach is in turmoil.  And, yes, I just said that I’m forced to hold in farts.  You read that correctly.  It’s better than letting them all out all day for the entire office to breathe in my nasty gas.  Only my husband gets subjected to such terrors, and I’m sure he has nightmares about it on a regular basis, because I certainly would. 

Speaking of husbands, mine’s been pretty great lately, and I’m almost bracing myself for a large argument of some sort because we haven’t had one in a while.  Then again, maybe we haven’t had one because he’s beginning to realize I’m always right, and arguing with me is futile; however, I seriously doubt this is the case.  It’s far more likely that he’s just learned to pick his battles and realized that arguing with me is futile because of my esteemed use of logic*.  (*by “logic” I mean impracticality and unreasonableness)

In other news, hubs and I had an amazing trip to Atlanta this past weekend, where we met up with my parents and my nieces.  We visited the aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Braves’ game.  It was so much fun.  And the weekend was generally problem free, which was very nice.  

And this is more or less an update on my life.  I’m still working at a job that I’m highly overqualified for, but it pays well enough, so I probably shouldn’t complain that much.  And we still have 5,000,000 things to fix on our house, but it’s going to take forever to list it all, so I won’t. 

Yesterday I did think to myself that I wish I still had the determination and drive to be anorexic, because that’s a really healthy way to look at it.  BUT I like food too much, and I enjoy not being hungry all of the time too much to put my body through anything that resembles it ever again, so that’s not so much a problem as it is reason to alert my brain to be aware.