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Sores in my throat? Nah, I’m fine! September 12, 2012

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So yeah, I have sores in the back of my throat.  It’s been hurting for several days now, and I was shittin’ around on the couch last night and reached my tongue back as far as it would go and I felt something weird, and it hurt!  So I got out the flashlight and looked at the throat.  Turns out, that’s not the only “weird” thing back there.  I saw about 3 sores (they sort of look like ulcers), which explains why it feels like I’m intentionally hurting myself every time I swallow.  I don’t really have any sick days left, though, so I brought my groggy, icky ass to work today with a bag of goodies.  The bag contains the following:


Obviously that isn’t a picture of my bag.  No, that’s a picture that I put together with web images and Paint.  That’s right.  Microsoft Paint.  I went old school, baby.  (Actually, I use Paint on a regular basis to mesh pictures together, but I don’t admit it to anyone that I work with.  I think they might make fun of me!)

So yeah, obviously I have lots of things to try to keep me feeling better.  The best is the throat spray that numbs my throat, because it not only numbs itchy sore throats, but it also numbs those sores back there.  Awesome-ness!

In other news, we have a new AC unit in our home, and it’s awesome.  The outside system kind of looks like this



It’s really big, and it’s really powerful, and I really love it.  It cost quite a bit though, and now Hubs and I are paying that off. Being a home owner sucks some times, because it’s really expensive.

Ok, think that’s it.  Gonna go suck on another Ricola and try to get some work done.


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