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So Hungover = Should not Drink so Much September 14, 2012

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Yesterday the announcement was made that my boss will be leaving the company.  Being the incredible boss that he is, he failed to inform me of this decision.  He told others, but he waited until the “official announcement” to let me find out.  I find that to be rude.  In any case, I had a mild “freak out” and then proceeded to drink a bottle of wine.  I wasn’t drinking alone, but I did drink a lot.  Today I have an INCREDIBLE headache, and I just want to crawl back into bed.  I guess I won’t be drinking again for a while.

My MRI is scheduled for next Saturday, which means that I get to get all doped up before hand.  The doctor gave me a Valium to take beforehand because the idea of being completely still in a small tube makes me want to throw up and scares the crap out of me.

I really kind of freaking out about my boss leaving.  It means that someone else will be my direct supervisor.  Now, as much as my boss was absent (as a boss), it was nice to have him there as a buffer between myself and people that suck.  And I don’t want someone who sucks to be my boss.


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