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another shot has been scheduled June 10, 2014

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I saw the spinal specialist on Friday.  Since PT and I have hit a road block, where I have to do the exercises more and the effects are lasting less, he recommended I receive a second round of the spinal injection.  My pain level has increased again, though not to what it was before the first injection.  I was supposed to receive the injection today, but we had to push it back to next week.  They apparently can’t give it to me while I’m on antibiotics, and I’m still on them for my gross toe.

So next Tuesday I will receive another spinal injection and most likely be laid up for a couple days.  The steroid caused me to be quite irritable and have mood swings last time I had it.  This time I’m prepared.  My shrink gave me a prescription for something that’s supposed to help the antidepressant I’m already on.  It’s not Abilify, but I think it works similarly. 

Hubs and I start couples counceling tomorrow.  I’m kind of nervous.  I hope it goes well… I suppose I’ll post after it’s all over.


2 Responses to “another shot has been scheduled”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hey love!

    I’m glad to hear you’re getting another shot, but I am sorry the exercises aren’t working. :/ hopefully with a bit more time and the injection you’ll be back on track!

    You have a gross toe? When I read that I almost laughed because it seemed so random and blunt. What happened cuz?

    I hope counseling goes well. I think it’s smart to talk about things where you know it’ll be controlled. I love you guys and hope all is ok. I love you Jen.


    • My “gross toe” is where I cut it at an angle and had a nasty ingrown thing happen. Since I have my father’s feet, it obviously got infected. So they put me on antibiotics for it, and it hurts like hell.

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